These memes are shit!! all you do is say all the bad things about castle! It's actually a good show but these memes make it out the shitest show ever!! But some better memes on here that are actually funny! AND DON'T EVER EVER DISS CASTLE EVER AGAIN BITCHES!!!

Shut the front door.

Shut the freaking front door!

Oh my God it’s anon hate. Wow okay I’ve never gotten anon hate before. I’m all flustered now. I feel special. Like this is the single greatest day of my Tumblring LIFE. WOW. WOW I AM EXCITE. HOLY CRAP ANON YOU HAVE TRULY MADE MY DAY. NO MY WHOLE WEEK! WHAT A MONDAY! THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR YOUR IGNORANCE AND COMPLETE LACK OF UNDERSTAND SARCASM.



Since I know you can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not, it isn’t. Honestly. Best day ever. All the love. <3 

Hey I wanna make some Castle Memes of my own for my facebook page and I was wondering if you could tell me where you get the Face thingys from. I cant be bothered making my own and I cant find any online hahah

Hey there :D good idea.

Well I just looked at set pictures and edited them on photoshop. ;P

Funniest one i have ever seen &lt;3

Funniest one i have ever seen <3

hahaha! i love castle and this blog is actually the funniest, i seriously think you've made me love it more.

we are honored!

I just wanted to tell you that you have one of my favorite blogs. :D

its all you guys though so help us keep this blog running and submit stuff :) xoxox